Persistence and Thinking Deeply

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This is very true based on my personal experience. 

I was so excited when I initially started trading that I was glued to the screen all day. But after roughly two weeks and without getting the outcomes I had hoped for, I stopped trading seriously and merely glanced at the charts before night.

One day, I met my first trading mentor and he told me something like this:

Trading is very much like going to the gym. You have to show up consistently over a long period of time to see results. You can’t just go to the gym for 1 week and expect to have abs and ripped muscles. It is the same with trading, you have to keep putting in the deliberate effort, backtesting your system and leveling up your mindset, and progressing into the profitable trader that you aspire to be.

On a side note, it is not just about looking at charts, it is also about reviewing your trades, reflecting on how you felt when you were trading, and how to keep those emotions in check without them interfering with your decision-making. Again, it is like working out. You don’t just go to the gym lifting weights. You also monitor your nutrition, your sleep, and how you can optimize your training schedule to maximize the effects and get exponential results. 

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