No Work, No Food

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There is an old saying in zen “No work, no food”. It could be translated as “We aren’t deserving of what is provided to us without genuine hustling, risk, self-discipline, and confidence.”

It is also applicable to trading. For example, you can’t merely open a chart, click a few buttons, and hope to make profits consistently.

You must put in the work, deliberately spending time and effort in front of the charts. To research, analyze and build something that will give you a competitive edge in the markets.

The problem is that ”social media traders” lead people to believe that trading is easy and that generating profits in the markets requires little effort. They are selling the dream to profitability just by purchasing their course and you will be on your way to earning X amount per day.

That is such nonsense. Any successful trader can tell you how long it took them to succeed. Therefore, if you are trying to use shortcuts, just know that there isn’t such a thing in trading. 

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