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More capital doesn’t translate to a greater chance of winning

I’ve seen a number of novice traders blame their lack of success in trading on a lack of capital. They would always say things like “Only if I have more money to trade, I can then make a lot of profits.” What they fail to realize is this- More trading capital doesn’t make you a profitable trader. Your trading system and self-discipline will. 

What you need is an edge, a strategy that you have developed by actively participating in the markets, having accumulated tons of chart time, and undergoing trial and error. Without a solid trading plan, trading with a bigger account balance will only make your mistakes costlier and harder to recover.

I think this common misconception is also one of the reasons why there are more and more prop trading firms popping up in advertisement banners. I am not saying that prop trading is bad. In fact, prop trading’s history dates back 3 to 4 decades, though its functioning model has changed dramatically. Retail prop trading is beneficial to those who are already profitable, helping them to magnify the monetary value of their returns. On the other hand, if you are still struggling and learning, please do yourself a favor and save those registration fees.

> Devise your trading strategy

To quote Paul Tudor Jones, “After a while size means nothing. It gets back to whether you’re making 100% rate of return on $10,000 or $100 million dollars. It doesn’t make any difference.”


Ru Yi 

Financial Market Analyst

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