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It is hard to watch when most retail traders trade for quick money. The worst situation is when one must trade and make gains to cover their living expenses. This is definitely not where you want to be, especially if you are new to trading and have yet to achieve consistency.

Profit should be viewed as a byproduct of great trading. More money isn’t the goal that you should chase as a trader. Rather, you should focus on perfecting your craft and have the discipline to adhere to and execute your trading rules flawlessly.

The current climate in retail trading sure doesn’t help novice traders. They were lured into trading by the propagandas of so-called trading gurus on social media. With the false impression that making money in trading is effortless, they are crossing the road blindfolded. 

And that is exactly what this section is for. We started this Motivational Section to inform the misinformed traders and to guide them through their trading journeys.

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