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Trading with VPS has been gaining popularity recently in the retail trading communities and there are solid reasons why.

  • Ultra-Low Latency
    The main reason why traders sign up for VPS is their concern for latency and the impact on their bottom line performance. Network latency is a term used to describe the delay in communication over a network. It is the amount of time it takes for a packet of data to be captured, transmitted, processed, and then received at the destination and subsequently getting decoded.

When trading in the financial markets, even milliseconds can result in a different outcome. The price of instruments can move during the time when an order is placed and a position is triggered. The differences may seem minimal but they will amount to a huge figure in the long run.

  • Constant Connectivity
    With a complete virtual Windows desktop that can be accessed anytime, anywhere in the world, VPS ensures that Expert Advisors (EA) can be run continuously
  • Reduce Risks
    VPS removes the risks associated with running EA on a local machine

Traders do not need to worry about risks such as power outages, system crashes and internet connection issues.

  • Greater Security
    VPS enhances safety in trading as well by removing loopholes for security breaches. The hosted servers are monitored constantly by dedicated personnel and properly equipped with advanced antivirus software.

Here are some numbers for our reference 

Let’s say John is in Singapore and he is trading on his desktop. Whenever he places an order via his computer, the order is sent from his network to the broker’s trading servers, which most likely are located in data centres in either New York or London. 

The average time taken for the orders to travel from Singapore to London is 157.380ms, according to .

Singapore and London (10841 KM)

For comparison purposes, let’s have a look at the ping time between other locations and London.

Paris and London (343 KM)

Johannesburg and London (9403 KM)

There is a major difference in the ping time (more than 15 times) due to geographical location and the physical distance the information packet has to travel.

This is why a VPS (situated in close proximity to the trading servers) can be so useful in trading in terms of execution speed, and not to mention the other benefits including safety and reduced risk.

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