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Many Trading Gurus, including the famous Jesse Livermore, which I hold utterly respect for, would tell you that trading is about waiting… Waiting for the right opportunity, for the perfect setup, for the glorious moment when all the trillion indicators give a confirmation signal…

Well, waiting can be daunting…and extremely boring above all. If you wanted to practice waiting you could have gotten a job as a waiter, or simply gone fishing.

Trading is about adrenaline, about having your blood boil while those pips come adding to your account’s equity. It’s about savoring all that as many times possible, daily, hourly.

Of course, you don’t wanna be overtrading, there is no question about that, but what if you had multiple options when you get the right opportunity, you get the perfect set up, you get the glorious moment when all the trillion indicators give a confirmation signal. Now, THAT sounds like the right thing.

Well, now you have it. Alchemy Markets has added 72 new stocks and ETFs on top of the current 250+ FX, Indexes, Single Stocks and Cryptos that were already on the plate for your indulgence.

This blog post space is too small to list them all, but for the sake of tickling your curiosity, we’ll just mention few hints- good old Buffet, Mickey Mouse, vaccine, your favorite when-go-to-vacation-web.

Rings any bell? Or, you better click on website and get the grip yourself.

And, enjoy the adrenaline and your pips.

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